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Grade 2 - English Language
1.19 Vowel Teams: ie, ei

The vowel team ie makes the long e sound like in believe. The team ei also makes the long e sound like in either. But ei can also make a long a sound like in eight.
Directions: Fill in the blanks using the following words:
believe - chief - sleigh - obey - weigh - thief - field - ceiling

Write five more examples of words containing each of the vowel teams 'ie' and 'ei' and use them in sentences. As a homework, read a book and find as many words containing 'ie' and 'ei' as you can find. Read these words aloud and hear the difference in sounds.

Q 1: Bob _ _ _ _ _s 50 pounds.

Q 2: If you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ you can win, you will win.

Q 3: Eight reindeer pull Santa's _ _ _ _ _ _.

Q 4: The leader is also called the _ _ _ _ _.

Q 5: The Police caught the _ _ _ _ _ who stole the car.

Q 6: We must _ _ _ _ the traffic rules.

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