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Grade 2 - English Language
Parts of Speech

The eight parts of speech are: Noun, Adjective, Pronouns, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

1. Nouns: naming words are called nouns. Nouns can be the names of persons, places, animals and things.
Examples: father, girl, Jan, garden, garage, tiger, computer, bottle, pillow

2. Verbs: doing or action words are called verbs.
Main verbs: sit, stand, walk, study, write, eat, drink, play, laugh.
Helping verbs: 'Do' and 'have' are also verbs but they are not main verbs. They are called helping verbs.

3. Pronoun: words used instead of nouns are called pronouns.
Examples: he, she, they, it I, you, we, him, me, us, them

4. Adjective: describing words are called adjectives. They describe a noun.
Examples: a fat man, a deep well, a blind bat, an old car.

5.Adverbs: words that describe verbs or adjectives are called adverbs.
Examples: The boy ran very fast. ('fast' is an adjective and 'very' describes it)
He spoke loudly.('spoke' is a verb and 'loudly' describes it)

6. Prepositions: position words are called prepositions.
Examples: There is no ink in my pen.
I need a refill for my pen.
I shall buy one on Monday at 5 o'clock.

7. Conjunction: joining words are called conjunction.
The sun shine during the day and the stars come out at night.
Fish can swim but birds cannot.
The mice will play when the cat is away.

8. Interjections: are words used for showing surprise or any other strong feeling.
Examples: alas!, oh!, ah!, wow!, Gosh!, Hurray!

Directions: Name the parts of speech of the underlined words. Also write at least three more examples of each part of speech. As a homework, read a book and find at least five examples of each part of speech.
Q 1: Hurray! we won.

Q 2: There was an old car in the garage.

Q 3: He is a teacher.

Q 4: The computer was not hooked to the power supply.

Q 5: There is no ink in my pen.

Q 6: We reached the station after the train had left.

Q 7: They called us here.

Q 8: The boy ran very fast.

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