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Grade 2 - English Language
4.10 Comprehension - The Hare and the Tortoise

Directions: Read this story, answer the questions, and then draw a picture that describes the story.

There lived a hare and a torotoise in a far away land. One day the hare wanted to race the tortoise to practice for the Animalympics in Jungle town. Whoever won the race would get a free admission to Carrot Island and get carrots whenever they wanted.

The hare said "I'll race you to Barnyard." "Sure!" said the tortoise. And soon the race started. The hare ran fast and went far ahead of the tortoise. The hare then got tired and stopped under a shady tree. He thought, "I am so far ahead of the tortoise, and I run so much faster than him. Even if I rest for a while, I can reach Barnyard ahead of the tortoise." Soon the hare fell fast asleep.

Two hours later........
The tortoise was walking fast and soon walked past the hare. Three hours later the hare woke up, and to his suprise he realized that the tortoise took over him and won!

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

Q 1: Why did the hare go to sleep in the middle of the race?
he was too confident of winning
he had already won the race
he got hurt

Q 2: Who won the race?

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