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Grade 3 - English Language
Capitalization Review

Rules for Capitalization

Remember to capitalize the following:
  1. the first word of a sentence
  2. all proper nouns (the first letter of a person's first, last and middle name)
  3. names of the days of the week, months of the year
  4. the pronoun I
  5. names, including initials, of individuals
  6. titles which precede names
  7. all names of holidays (excluding any prepositions)
  8. the first word and all nouns in a salutation
  9. the first word in the complimentary closing of a letter
  10. family relationship names when they precede a name or are used in place of person's name, especially in direct address
  11. all words in the names of specific organizations and agencies excluding prepositions, conjunctions, and articles
  12. names of languages
  13. names of definite sections of a country or the world
  14. names of nationalities
  15. names of religions and deities
  16. adjectives formed from names of geographical locations, languages, races, nationalities, and religions
  17. the first word and all the words in titles of books, articles, works of art, etc. excluding short prepositions, conjunctions, and articles

Directions: On a sheet of paper, write two example sentences illustrating each of the above rules.

The following sentences do not have correct capitalization. Correct the mistakes and rewrite the sentences. (Hint: To ensure that the computer grades your answer correctly, copy and paste the question into the answer box and then make necessary changes.)

As a homework, read a book and find examples for each of the above capitalization rules.

Q 1: on sunday, my parents took me to see a movie.

Q 2: i played a computer game last weekend.

Q 3: there are seven days in a week.

Q 4: ms. wilson is the coach of our basketball team.

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