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Grade 3 - English Language
2.19 Punctuation: Quotation Marks in a Dialogue

A dialogue is the written version of conversation between two or more people. Use quotation marks to show what people say.
"It is getting late," Jack said.
Sally asked, "What time is it?"
"I tried to call you," Terry said, "but your phone line was busy."
"Yes, my brother was on the phone all day," Sue answered.
Directions: Choose the sentence that has the correct punctuation. Write five more examples of dialogues using quotation marks. As a homework, read a story containing dialogues and write some of the dialogues on a sheet of paper. Observe how the dialogues and other quotation marks have been used in the book.
Q 1: Harry asked what time is it.
Harry asked, what time it is.
''Harry asked'' what time it is.
Harry asked, ''What time is it?''

Q 2: It is getting late Dan said
It is getting late, Dan said.
''It is getting late,'' Dan said.
It is getting late. Dan said.

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