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Grade 3 - English Language
2.24 Regular Plurals

A noun that stands for one person, place, or thing is singular.
Examples: Molly sharpened her pencil.

A noun that stands for more than one person, place or thing is plural.
Examples: Molly sharpened five pencils.

For most singular nouns, their plural is obtained by adding 's' to the end. If the singular noun already ends in s, ss, x, ch, or sh, its plural is obtained by adding 'es' to the end. If the singular noun ends in y, change the y to i and add 'es' to obtain its plural.

class - classes
box - boxes
peach - peaches
brush - brushes
story - stories

Directions: Write the plural form of the singular noun underlined in each sentence. Also, write your own sentences using the singular and plural forms of the nouns in the questions.
Q 1: I have your photo.

Q 2: My family comes here on Sunday.

Q 3: Sandy invited many family to her party.

Q 4: My sister went to the mall.

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