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A Good Writing Method

1. Brainstorm and do research for ideas
Find out all you can about the topic by talking to people, going to library, researching on the Internet, etc. Take notes while you are researching. Drawing mind maps helps you organize the information. A mind map is a also called an 'information web'. To draw a mind map, you begin with a big circle in the middle of the page. Write your topic in that circle, draw spokes around it. On each spoke, add some information about the topic. Put related ideas on the same spoke.

2. Draft
After you have completed the research, do a quick draft. Do not pay attention to spelling and grammar at this stage. Write down all your thoughts as they come to your mind, preferably without stopping.

3. Revise
At this stage, you should organize your content. Group related ideas together. Make sure each paragraph discusses only one idea. Rearrange your sentences to make them flow smoothly.

4. Edit
Edit your writing for spelling and grammar. If possible, have someone read your work and give you comments and ideas.

5. Publish
Now you are ready to make a final version of your work and publish it. If you are student, you would submit your final version to your teacher.

Directions: Following the steps discussed above, write about the topic #4 below. As a homework, write about the other three topics.

1. Recycling
2. Conserving Energy
3. Amazon Rainforests
4. My Most Amazing Adventure

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