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Grade 3 - English Language
1.27 Suffix - Adding 'ly'

Directions: Select an appropriate word from the list below and add suffix 'ly' to it and write it in one of the answer boxes to complete a meaningful sentence.

coward - loud - shy - clear - brave - near - smart - quick - magical - week - polite - neat

Homework: Read a book and find as many words with the suffix 'ly' as you can. Write the words and the sentences in which they appear on a sheet of paper.

Q 1: AJ ran _____ and caught the ball.

Q 2: The dog barked so _____ that I could hear it from far away.

Q 3: The general warned the soldier not to repeat the _________ act.

Q 4: The president spoke so _______ that I could understand everything.

Q 5: This is a _______ magazine. We get it every Sunday.

Q 6: Christopher hid behind his mother _____.

Q 7: If you ask ________, your teacher will accept your request.

Q 8: Sarah folded her dresses ________ and stored them.

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