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Grade 3 - English Language
3.14 Reading Fiction - Amin and Eggs

Directions: Read the following story and answer the questions. While reading, underline the words that are new or interesting to you. Write those words on a sheet of paper and use a dictionary to find their meanings and parts of speech. As a homework, read a story and be prepared to discuss it at the next class.
Once upon a time . . . a peasant called Amin lost all his crops from his miserable little plot in a drought. He decided to seek his fortune in another village, and off he went on his donkey. On credit, he obtained a dozen hard-boiled eggs from a merchant for his journey.

Seven years later, Amin returned to his village. This time he was riding a fine black horse, followed by a servant on a camel laden with gold and silver coins. Amin had become a rich man and the news of this soon spread through the village. Straight away, the merchant who had given him the dozen eggs on credit knocked at Amin's door, asking for five hundred silver pieces in payment of the old debt. Amin of course refused to pay such a large sum and the matter was taken before the judge.

On the day of the hearing, the merchant appeared in court at the appointed time, but of Amin there was no sign. The judge waited impatiently for a quarter of an hour, and was on the point of adjourning the hearing, when Amin dashed in, out of breath. At once, the merchant said, in defence of his demands:

"I asked Amin for payment of five hundred silver coins, because twelve chickens might have hatched from the eggs he bought from me on credit, seven years ago. These chickens would have become hens and cockerels; more eggs would have been laid, these too would have hatched, and so on. After seven years, I might have had a great flock of fowls!"

"Of course," agreed the judge. "Perfectly right." And turning to Amin with a hostile air, he ordered: "What have you to say for yourself? And, by the way, why are you late?" Amin said calmly,

"I had a plate of boiled beans in the house and I planted them in the garden to have a good crop next year!"

"Fool!" exclaimed the judge. "Since when do boiled beans grow?" To which Amin promptly retorted:

"And since when do boiled eggs hatch into chickens?"

He had won his case.

Q 1: Amin won the case because
he proved his point intelligently
he brought a witness
he knew the judge

Q 2: Who or what is a peasant?

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