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Grade 3 - English Language
1.28 Suffix for Words With Last Syllable 'y'

Rule 1: When the last syllable of a word is y by itself, usually it is changed to i when a suffix is added.

Adding suffix er:
steady becomes steadier
Adding suffix est:
funny + est = funniest
happy + est = happiest
busy + est = busiest
mighty + est = mightiest
Adding suffix ness:
icy becomes iciness

Rule 2: Keep the y when you are adding ing or you will end up with a double i.


study + ing = studying
steady + ing = steadying
ready + ing = readying
play + ing = playing
cry + ing = crying
try + ing = trying

Note: There are not many words containing ii. Some of them are 'taxiing' and 'alibiing'.

Directions: Combine the base word with the suffix and write your answer. Use the words in sentences. As a homework, find and write five examples for each of Rules 1 and 2.
Q 1: funny + er

Q 2: fry + ing =

Q 3: heavy + est

Q 4: happy + ness

Q 5: merry + er

Q 6: play + ing

Q 7: crunchy + er

Q 8: cry + ing =

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