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Grade 3 - English Language
3.22 Reading Nonfiction - Ants

Introduction: An ant is an insect. It has three main body parts namely, the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. It has six legs and an exoskeleton. Exoskeleton means that the bones and skeleton are outside the body.

Ants live in colonies. The smallest ant colony has at least 10,000 members. Usually in an ant colony, there is one queen and rest of the ants are workers and soldier ants.

Types of ants: There are two kinds of ants, red ants and black ants. Red and black ants have many similar characteristics, but red ants are poisonous and black ants are not. Some ants have a stinger and some can even inject poisonous acid from the stinger (the stinger is at the tip of the abdomen). Red ants have a stinger and they inject poisonous acid.

Worker Ants are many sterile (non-reproducing), wingless female ants who are the daughters of the queen. These workers collect food and feed members of the colony, defend the colony, and enlarge the nest. Most of the ants in a colony are workers.

Queen Ant begins her life with wings, which she uses while mating. After mating with a male ant (or many males), she flies to her nesting area. She then loses her wings and spends her life laying eggs.

Soldier Ants are usually found in Africa and South America. Soldier ants can go several yards away and get food. They are large worker ants who defend the colony and often raid other colonies.

Specil things ants do: Ants can carry three times their weight. Some ants walk fast, and some ants walk slow. Ants can also kill bigger insects or animals. For example ants can kill: insects, spiders, caterpillers, etc. Ants can carry three times their weight. Most ants like to eat honey dew from aphids which are small green insects that live on leaves and collect honey dew.

Q 1: Red ants are ______.
do not sting
do not exist

Q 2: Most ants like to eat ______________.
honey dew from aphids

Q 3: In the smallest ant colony there are at least _______ members?

Q 4: What does exoskeleton mean?
no skeleton
two skeletons
skeleton that is outside the body
a type of ant colony

Q 5: Where do most army ants live?
Australia and North America
Africa and South America
South and North America
Asia and Europe

Q 6: What are the three main parts on an ant?
thorax, abdomin, and eight legs
head, abdomin, and backbone
head, thorax, and four legs
head, thorax, and abdomin.

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