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Grade 3 - English Language
3.20 Reading Comprehension - Following Directions

Directions: Read the following lightning safety instructions and answer the questions.

What to do and not do during lightning?

If you are inside a home:
* Avoid showering or bathing. Plumbing and bathroom fixtures can conduct electricity from the lightning.
* Avoid using corded telephone unless it is an emergency. Cordless and cellular phones are safer to use.
* Turn off and unplug any sensitive electronic equipment such as computers because power surges due to lightning can cause them damage.
* Have a portable battery operated radio handy to listen to any emergency broadcast information.

If you are outside and there is no time to reach a safe indoor location:
* Stay away from natural lightning rods, such as tall trees, and electric poles.
* If you are in a wooded area, take shelter under a thick growth of small trees.
* Avoid isolated sheds or small structures in open areas.
* Get away from anything metal such as farm equipment, beach umbrellas, etc.
* Stay away from open water such as a lake or river.
* If you feel your hair stand on end (which indicates that lightning is about to strike), squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet. Place your hands over your ears and your head between your legs. Make yourself the smallest target possible and minimize your contact with the ground. Do not lie flat on the ground.

(Source: The Family Emergency Handbook published by Playmore Inc.
Disclaimer: This excerpt is just for learning reading comprehension. For actual lightning safety instructions, consult appropriate experts.)

Q 1: When there is a lightning storm, stay away from
all of these

Q 2: If you are inside during a thunderstorm:
Run out immediately.
Unplug sensitive electronic equipment.
Take a shower.
Avoid eating.

Q 3: You are not suppossed to do this while it is lightning.

Q 4: Why are wireless phones safer than corded phones during lightning?
wireless phone companies trap lightning
the telephone cord may conduct electricity
the corded telephones are closer to your ear

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