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Grade 3 - English Language
3.7 Sayings and Phrases

A saying or a proverb is a popular way to express something. The following sentences are examples of sayings or proverbs:

Saying: One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.
Meaning: One bad thing can spoil anything related to it.

Saying: The show must go on.
Meaning: No matter what happens, things will be continued as planned.

A phrase is an incomplete sentence. Some phrases are popular sayings. Examples:

Phrase: Bell the cat
Meaning: To undertake to do something dangerous.

Phrase: Fat cat
Meaning: A person high up in the business world with a lot of money.

Directions: Pick the correct meanings of the following popular sayings and phrases. Use these sayings in sentences to illustrate their meanings. As a homework, write about at least five more popular sayings or phrases.
Q 1: The ball is in your court
hit the ball
go to see the ball game
the ball is in your backyard
the next move is up to you

Q 2: Bell the cat
ring the bell to call a cat
a cat named Bell
to do something dangerous
put a bell on the cat

Q 3: High five
five tall people
climb the tower
slap hands to celebrate
big number 5

Q 4: A bolt from the blue
a hailstorm
a blue bag of bolts
a surprise
a lightning

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