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Grade 3 - English Language
1.35 Root and Base Words - 3

port - to bring or to carry
deport: to expel or send away from a country. (from Latin de-, 'away')
export: to send goods to another country (from Latin ex-, 'out, out of')
import: to bring in from an outside source, especially from a foreign country(from Latin in-,'in')
portfolio: a flat case for carrying papers, manuscripts, drawings or other documents(from Latin folium, 'a leaf')
More examples: transportation, reporter, porter, supportive, portable

scope - to look
Kaleidoscope: a tube-shaped toy that one looks through to see a variety of changing colored patterns.
microscope: an instrument for viewing objects too small to be seen by the naked eye.
periscope: an instrument for viewing objects that are out of sight - used especially in submarines
scope: range of view or understanding; the space within which something exists, covers, or is limited to.

phon, phone - sound
megaphone - a funnel-shaped device for making sounds louder
microphone - an instrument that changes sound waves into electrical signals for transmission or amplification.
phonetic - having to do with speech sounds.
phonics - the rules of sound used in teaching reading and word pronunciation.
xylophone - a percussion instrument made of tuned wooden bars struck with small hand-held hammers.

-logy - the study of
archeology - the study of the life and culture of ancient people
meteorology - the study of weather.
psychology - the study of human mind and behavior.
seismology - the study of earthquakes
zoology - the study of animals

Directions: Answer the following questions. Write sentences using the words given above. As a homework, find at least three more root words and words derived from them; write the words, their definitions, and sentences using the words and present your work to the class.
Q 1: The biologist used a __________ to help with his research.

Q 2: If you enjoy learning about life in ancient Egypt, you might try studying ___________.

Q 3: Ann learned to play the __________ in music class.

Q 4: The United States ______(s) oil from the middle east.

Q 5: To learn about earthquakes , you study _________.

Q 6: The artist kept his sketches in a leather _______.

Q 7: People without official immigration papers can be ______(ed) to their home countries.

Q 8: We learned about the sounds in ______ class.

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