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Vocabulary - SAT, TOEFL, GRE Test Preparation
1.22 Word Roots

Do you know what 'desultory' means? To understand this word, it helps you to know what the root word of 'desultory' is.

A root or base word is the word that is left after you take off any prefixes and suffixes in the word. A root word cannot stand on its own, whereas a base word can stand on its own.

The root word in 'desultory' is 'sult'. 'Sult' means to to jump or leap. Sault, sil, and sal are variations of the same root word 'sult'. They all mean the same thing, jump or leap.

Here are a few examples of words derived from the root words sil, sal, sault, and sult:

Insult - To jump on someone (with words), i.e., offend someone with words
Assault - To jump onto someone with the intention of hurting them, i.e., a violent physical or verbal attack.
Somersault - To flip and jump, i.e., jump over the head
Desultory - Moving or jumping from one thing to another thing, disconnected
Resilient - To jump again, i.e., the ability to recover readily from failures
Exultant - So happy that you are jumping out of your skin, i.e., showing great joy, i.e., strikingly visible, prominent
Salient - Something so interesting that it jumps at you!

Directions: Find the meanings of the words given in the questions. After you check your answers, use each word in a sentence. As a homework, find at least three more root words and words derived from them. Write the words, their roots, definitions, parts of speech, and example sentences on a sheet paper. Discuss your work at the next class.
Q 1: resilient (to jump again)
to flip
rebounds or recovers readily
to attack

Q 2: exultant (you are so happy that you are jumping out of your skin)
to tlip
to rebound
joyful and proud

Q 3: Sil, sal, sult, and sault all mean
to salute
to eat salt
to jump or leap

Q 4: desultory
to flip
moving or jumping from one thing to another
to jump on someone

Q 5: somersault
To jump again (figuratively)
Something jumps at you (figuratively)
to flip

Q 6: assault (to jump on)
to go up and down
to flip
a physical attack

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