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Grade 6 English
1.37 Prefixes - Ambi and Amphi

Ambi (or amb) is a Latin word for both, around or about.

Amphi is a Greek word for both, around or about.

A few of the 'ambi' and 'amphi' words are:


Directions: Select the correct word from the list given above to fit the definition in each question. Use all of these words in sentences. As homework, find four more Greek or Latin prefixes and write words using them.
Q 1: Someone who is both introvert and extrovert

Q 2: Someone who is skilled with both hands.

Q 3: An animal that can live in both land and water.

Q 4: An outdoor auditorium that is open all around.

Q 5: Something that is not clear because it could be interpreted two (or many) ways

Q 6: Having (two) opposing feelings at the same time.

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