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Grade 4 - English Language
2.11 Punctuation - Commas with Additional Information and Opposites

Commas with Additional Information

Use a comma if the additional information is not part of the main statement.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for giving me the opportunity to speak to you today.

Use a comma in relative clauses before who and which if the information is not essential for the understanding of the sentence.
Her brother, who lives in Chicago, came to see her.

Donít use a comma in relative clauses if the information is essential for the understanding of the sentence.
Her brother who lives in Chicago came to see her.

Donít use a comma if the relative clause starts with that.
The book that Iím reading now is interesting.

Commas with Opposites

Use a comma with opposites, even if they are separated by and or but.
It was the father, and not the son, who went to the disco every Friday.

Directions: Select the correctly punctuated sentence in each question. Write five more examples each for using commas for additional information and commas with opposites. As a homework, read a book and find sentences in which commas were used for additional information or with opposites.
Q 1: Select the correctly punctuated sentence.
It was his father and not his mother who baked the cookies.
It was his father, and not his mother, who baked the cookies.

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