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1.4 Basic Geometrical Concepts

  • Point has no dimensions. It is represented by dot.
  • Line has one dimension. It is represented by a line with two arrowheads but it extends without end.
  • Plane has two dimensions. It is represented by a shape that looks like a floor or a wall, but it extends without end.
  • Space has three dimensions.
  • Intersections:
    • Two or more geometric figures intersect if they have one or more points in common.
    • The intersection of the figures is the set of points the figure have in common.
    • The intersection of two different lines is a point.
    • The intersection of two different planes is a line.
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Directions: Answer the following questions. On a sheet of paper represent the following: points, line, parallel lines, collinear points, coplanar points, coplanar lines, concurrent lines.
Q 1: The set of all points is called _____.
concurrent points
number set

Q 2: Space is _______ of points.
a finite set
an unusual set
a concurrent set
an infinite set

Q 3: The number of lines that can be drawn through two different points in a plane is ______.

Q 4: Lines belonging to the same plane are called ________.
concurrent lines
coplanar lines
singular lines
infinite lines

Q 5: Lines and planes are ______ of space.
concurrent objects

Q 6: If three different lines are such that each intersects the other two, then the number of points at which they intersect is _____.

Q 7: If two lines in a plane have a common point, the common point is called the ________.
point of intersection
concurrent point
singular point
coplanar point

Q 8: If three or more lines pass through the same point, the lines are called _____.
parallel lines
concurrent lines
finite lines
coplanar lines

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