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Vocabulary - SAT, TOEFL, GRE Test Preparation
2.15 Suffixes

A suffix is a syllable that comes at the end of a word and changes its meaning. The suffix ant and ent mean a person or thing that does something.
A person who occupies a place is an occupant.
A person who obeys is obedient.

A root word is the common stem that gives related words their basic meanings. When a word ends in silent e, keep the e before adding a suffix beginning with a consonant. Drop the e before adding a suffix beginning with a vowel.
announce + ment = announcement
announce + ing = announcing
Announce is the root word in this example.

The suffix less means without: ative means having the nature of or relating to; ive means having or tending to be.

Faultless means without fault or blame.
Formative means something that can be formed or molded.
Corrective means something that fixes a problem.

Directions: Combine each root word and suffix given in each question to make a new word. Write five example words and sentences using those words for each of the suffixes 'ant', 'ent', 'ing', 'ment', 'less', and 'ive'.
Q 1: please + ant = ____________

Q 2: impress + ive = _____________

Q 3: sleep + less = ______________

Q 4: attract + ive = __________________

Q 5: differ + ent = ______________

Q 6: talk + ative = ____________

Q 7: preside + ent = _____________

Q 8: contest + ant = ____________

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