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Grade 5 - English Language
1.50 Idioms

An idiom is a phrase that says one thing but actually means something quite different.

He gave me a cold shoulder when I spoke to him.
Cold shoulder means he ignored me.

Directions: Choose the correct meanings of the idioms underlined below.
Q 1: He bought another white elephant at the yard sale.
He breeds elephants
He bought another big useless item
He has an elephant collection

Q 2: He thinks of things only in black and white.
He is a boring person.
He considers things either good or bad, nothing in-between.
He is color blind.

Q 3: As usual, she bet on the wrong horse.
Beat up the horse
Lost all of her money gambling
Misread the future and did the wrong thing

Q 4: He was bugging me so I told him - hold your horses.
To wait or have patience
Ran in a horse race
Bought a farm

Q 5: He gave me the green light to start my project.
He gave me permission to start
He worked as an electrician
He said I could become a traffic policeman

Q 6: She was as white as a ghost.
Wore too much make-up
Was an actress
Extremely scared

Q 7: Jack and Jill will finally tie the knot in August.
get married
tie a string
tie shoe lace

Q 8: She finished the race with flying colors.
In a colorful outfit
Way ahead of the others
In record time

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