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Grade 8 English
1.42 Greek and Latin Suffixes

Directions: Review the information on Greek and Latin suffixes given here and answer the questions. Also, write at least one example word, its meaning, and a sentence using the word for each of the suffixes shown in the table below.
Greek/Latin Suffixes Meaning English Words
-al relating to maternal
-arium place of aquarium
-dom quality/state freedom
-gram something written or drawn, a record cardiogram, telegram
-graph something written or drawn; an instrument for writing, drawing or recording monograph, seismograph
-ic relating to poetic
-ile quality/state juvenile
-ism quality/state criticism, optimism, capitalism
-ist one who practices biologist
-meter, -metry measuring device; measure geometry, kilometer, parameter, perimeter
-oid forms adjectives and nouns and means like, resembling or shape form trapezoid,spheroid
-ology study of biology,dermatology
-ous quality/state nebulous
-phone sound; device that receives or emits sound telephone
-ular relating to cellular

Q 1: poet + ic =

Q 2: biolog + ist =

Q 3: seismo + graph =

Q 4: peri + meter =

Q 5: tele + gram =

Q 6: spher + oid =

Q 7: geo + metry =

Q 8: capital + ism =

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