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Grade 5 - English Language
3.14 Reading For Details

Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions.
The company Nike, Inc. started with sports shoes and is now a major player in about every aspect of sports and sports related equipment. The company is named after the Greek goddess Nike meaning 'victory'.

In 1962, Bill Bowerman, a track coach at The University of Oregon, and Phil Knight, an accounting student and middle-distance runner had the dream of bringing low-priced, high-tech athletic shoes from Japan to the U.S. At that time German shoes dominated the industry. That year, after entering business together, shoes from Onitsuka Tiger were sold in the U.S. by Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS).

In 1965, Jeff Johnson, a former rival on the track of Knight's, joined as the company's first full-time salesman. He was busy selling shoes out of the back of his van to High Schoolers at track meets. Then in 1966, Johnson opened the company's first retail outlet in California.

Bowerman's desire to improve on Tiger's designs, and Knight's drive to do more, landed them with a new direction. Johnson gave this new company the name Nike and Bowerman gave them new designs. Within thirty years time Nike became a leader in the sports and fitness industry. Here are some of the important milestones in the history of this company:

  • In 1971, the Nike Swoosh design was created by a graphic design student Carolyn Davidson. At that time she was paid the sum of $35. She worked for Nike for a few years until they needed a full ad agency.
  • In 1979, Nike's Air technology was introduced. Nike used gas-filed bags inserted into the sole of running shoes to specialize their shoes for different uses.
  • During 1980s Nike's "Just Do It" slogan and trademark Swoosh achieved unmatched branding thanks to the help of professional athlete endorsements.
  • In 1983, Carolyn Davidson received a gold Swoosh ring with an embedded diamond at a luncheon in her honor as recognition for her design of the Swoosh logo. She also received a certificate and an undisclosed amount of Nike stock.
  • In 2003, Nike bought rival Converse Shoes for $305 million.

Q 1: What happened to Nike's rival Converse Shoes?
Converse Shoes bought Nike for $305 million
Converse Shoes was bought out by Nike for $305 million
went out of business
changed its name to Tiger Shoes

Q 2: Who created the Nike swoosh design?
Carolyn Davidson
Bill Bowerman
Phil Knight
Jeff Johnson

Q 3: In early 1960s, low priced, high-tech athletic shoes were likely to come from:

Q 4: What is Nike's corporate slogan?
Best Shoes for You
Just Do It

Q 5: Who/what was Onitsuka Tiger?
a golf player
a Japanese shoe manufacturing company
a German advertising company
a US trading company selling Japanese shoes

Q 6: How long did it take Nike to become a leader in sports and fitness equipment industry?
about five years
Nike has never been a big player in its industry
about one hundred years
about thirty years

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