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Grammar, Punctuation, and Style
Nouns as Subjects, Direct Objects, and Indirect Objects

A noun is a word that names a person, place or thing.


PERSONS: child, teacher, Jack, Mrs. Williamson, friend
PLACES: gym, Chicago, restaurant, Egypt, Lake Huron
THINGS: rice, book, pencil, computer, Sears Tower, baseball
IDEAS: loyalty, happiness, justice, liberty, cowardice, fear, beauty

Nouns are used in many ways in sentences:

  • They can be the subjects of sentences.
    Example: The truck overturned on the sharp curve outside Henry Parkview.

  • Nouns can be direct objects. The direct object follows the verb and completes its meaning. It answers the question who or what.
    Example: Sally's family bought a new car.

  • Nouns can be indirect objects. An indirect object comes between the verb and the direct object and tells to whom or from whom something was done.
    Example: She gave Sally a big hug.

Directions: Answer the following questions. On a sheet of paper, write five example sentences showing nouns used as subjects, direct objects, and indirect objects.

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Grammar, Punctuation, and Style
Nouns as Subjects, Direct Objects, and Indirect Objects

Q 1: Identify the subject in the sentence:
Do alligators eat people?

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