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Grade 6 English
Punctuation - Exclamation (!)

Exclamation Mark (!) is used when you want to express a sense of urgency or a very strong emotion. It may be placed after a word, a phrase, or a sentence. Exclamation marks are rare in formal writing, therefore use them sparingly.
  • Use exclamation marks after words that express strong emotion.
    Examples: Wow!, Help!, Alas!,

  • Use exclamation marks after phrases that express strong emotion.
    Good heavens!
    Oh my god!
    Oh no!

  • Use exclamation marks at the end of exclamatory sentences.
    This place has gone crazy!
    It has been raining for seven days!

  • Use an exclamation mark after an interjection.
    Example: Yeah! We finally won the game!

  • Use an exclamation mark after a strong command (imperative sentence).
    Do your homework!
    Do it now!
    Stop that train!

Directions: Answer the following questions. Write your own examples for each of the punctuation rules given above.

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