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Grade 6 English
2.21 Punctuation - Question Mark (?)

A question mark is used after a direct question (an interrogative sentence) and to show doubt about correctness of something.
  • A question mark is used at the end of a direct question.
    Did you go to school today?
    What is your full name?
    How old are you?
    Which color do you like?
    Who is you best friend?
    When is your birthday?

  • A question mark is not used with indirect questions.
    The teacher asked Jack if he had done the homework.
    Molly asked Polly what her favorite restaurant was.
    Dan said that he didn't know what to do.
    Eric asked Ron if he would come to his house.

  • A question mark is placed in parentheses to show that the writer isn't sure a fact is correct.
    You'll see virtual reality TV shows by the year 2010(?)
    The capital of India is New Delhi(?)

  • A tag question: A question mark is used if the sentence contains a question tag like - did he, couldn't she, won't he, etc. Remember to use a negative question tag with a positive statement and a positive question tag with a negative statement.
    She does a beautiful job, doesn't she?
    He is not your principal, is he?
    He will be coming, won't he?
    He saw that, didn't he?
    You wanted that, didn't you?

Directions: Answer the following questions. Write at least two more examples for each of the punctuation rules given above.
Q 1: Would everyone in the room please move forward.
punctuated correctly
not punctuated correctly

Q 2: How old are you.
punctuated correctly
not punctuated correctly

Q 3: The teacher asked the students what they were doing.
punctuated correctly
not punctuated correctly

Q 4: I wonder if Cathy will run for Vice President again.
not punctuated correctly
punctuated correctly

Q 5: Harold may come along, mightn't he?
punctuated correctly
not punctuated correctly

Q 6: Just what are you doing?
punctuated correctly
not punctuated correctly

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