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Grade 5 - English Language
2.54 Pronouns and Direct Objects

The object that directly receives the action of the transitive verb is called the direct object. Direct objects are always nouns or pronouns.
Bill hit the ball.
Subject: Bill
Direct object: ball
Ball receives the action of the verb hit.

The direct object can also be a person.
Sally hit Jacob.
Subject: Sally
Direct object: Jacob
Here direct object Jacob receives the action of the verb hit.

The direct object answers the question what? or whom? with regard to what the subject of the sentence is doing.
Bill hit the ball.
Bill hit what?
Bill hit the ball.

Sherry hit Bill.
Sherry hit whom?
Sherry hit Bill.

The pronouns me, you, him, her, it, us and them can be used as direct objects. A pronoun used as a direct object must be plural if the noun is plural and singular if the noun is singular.
I heard Tim. I called him.
We like the teacher. We selected her for our next term.
He saw the dog. He called her.

Directions: What are direct objects? Explain using examples how pronouns are used as direct objects in sentences. Find the direct object pronouns in the following sentences.

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Q 1: My sister, brother, and I wanted goldfish. Grandma took us to the store to get them.

Q 2: Eric bought the flowers. He took them home.

Q 3: Goldfish come from China. The Chinese eat them.
The Chinese

Q 4: I brought a book from the library. I finished reading it yesterday.

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