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Grade 5 - English Language
2.55 Pronouns and Indirect Object

An indirect object is a word or a group of words that usually comes between the verb and the direct object. An indirect object tells to whom or to what something has been done. Indirect objects are always nouns or pronouns. Indirect objects cannot exist without direct objects.
He gives the students the study books.
Subject: He
Direct Object: study books
Indirect Object: students

She cooked me a great dinner.
Subject: She
Direct Object: dinner
Indirect Object: me

Don't tell her my secret. Subject: you (implied)
Direct Object: secret
Indirect Object: her

Indirect object pronouns are the words that replace the indirect object nouns. They are placed in front of the verb.
I'm talking to him.
He writes to them.
I'm giving the bread to you.
She answered me.

The pronouns me, you, him, her, it, us and them can be used as indirect objects and as objects of preposition. Examples:

Pronouns as indirect object:
Fred showed me his new bike. The teacher gave us two more days to finish our report.

Pronouns as objects of preposition:
It's your turn after her.
I can't do it without them.

Directions: What are indirect objects? Using examples, explain how pronouns are used as indirect objects. Find the indirect object pronouns in the following sentences.

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Grade 5 - English Language
2.55 Pronouns and Indirect Object

Q 1: They're sending the book to me.

Q 2: I gave him the pencil.

Q 3: Are you offering me a book?

Q 4: I 'm giving something to them.

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