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Grade 5 - English Language
2.61 Adjectives and Adverbs

An adjective is a describing word. It describes nouns or pronouns. Adjectives can tell:
  • Which one or what kind -- the dog's floppy ears, the lost child
  • How many -- three dogs, four wagons
An adverb is also a describing word. It describes verbs, adjectives or other adverbs. Adverbs can tell:
  • How - ran quickly, talked quietly
  • When - finished promptly, came yesterday
  • Where - lived there, came yesterday
  • How often - sneezed twice, always wins
Many adverbs end with the suffix -ly. Most of the adverbs are created by adding -ly to the end of an adjective.
slow - slowly
delightful - delightfully
hopeless - hopelessly
aggressive - aggressively

However, this is NOT a reliable way to find out whether a word is an adverb or not, for two reasons: many adverbs do NOT end in -ly (some are the same as the adjective form), and many words which are NOT adverbs DO end in -ly (such as kindly, friendly, elderly and lonely, which are adjectives). Here are some examples of adverbs that are same as adjectives:
Adjective - Adverb
fast - fast
late - late
early - early

Directions: Identify if the underlined words are adjectives or adverbs. Write in your own words differences between adjectives and adverbs and write at least five examples each of adjectives and adverbs.
Q 1: Be careful! The iron is very hot.

Q 2: Joe dresses very informally.

Q 3: He carefully put the tall screen between our desks.

Q 4: I get up early every morning.

Q 5: The new boy in our class moved here from Phoenix.

Q 6: I'm free tomorrow. Shall we meet at five?

Q 7: A microwave can cook food fast.

Q 8: Kim sang very loudly.

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