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Grade 5 - English Language
2.5 Capitalization - 5


  • The first word in a sentence
  • The first word in a direct quote (Mary said, "Stop the car.")
  • The first word in each item of an outline
  • The first word and all nouns in the greeting of a letter (My dear Sir)
  • The first word in the closing of a letter (Sincerely yours)
  • Generally, capitalize nouns and adjectives that refer to special, one- of-a-kind persons, places, or things and words that begin sentences, quotations, and titles.
  • People's names and nicknames (Ted Johnson, J.D.Smith, Dad)
  • Titles that precede names (Doctor Brown, Sergeant Stover)
  • Titles that clearly refer to only one person of high rank (President, Pope)
  • Names of races and nationalities (Caucasian, African American, Spaniard, Indian)
  • The pronoun I
  • Geographic places (Pensacola, Pace Boulevard, Mississippi River, Yellowstone National Park, Appalachian Mountains, Germany, Africa)
  • Names of most stars and planets (Milky Way, Jupiter)
  • Names of buildings, institutions, organizations, and government agencies (Barnett Bank, Florida State University, Audubon Society, National Security Agency)
  • Compass points when they refer to a specific area of the country (Atlanta is in the South. Jack likes Western movies.) Names of days of the week and months of the year (Monday, May)
  • Names of holidays and historical events (Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Civil War, Industrial Revolution, Dark Ages)
  • Names of languages (French, German, English)
  • Brand names (Kleenex, Heinz, Baby Ruth)
  • School courses followed by a number (Algebra 101, Biology 220)
  • The first and all important words in titles of books, magazines, newspapers, articles, poems, stories, etc. [see above for unimportant words] (Of Time and the River)
  • Names of religions and sacred things (Baptist, Bible, Buddha)


  • Titles that follow names or appear without names (Anna Maguire, professor of music; The doctor is in.)
  • Family references preceded by a possessive word (my mother, Jerry's dad)
  • General references to places (river, park, city, college, hotel)
  • The following stars and planets: earth, sun, moon
  • Compass points when they refer only to direction (Jacksonville is east of Tallahassee.)
  • Unimportant words within a longer name (a, an, the, conjunctions and prepositions of fewer than five letters [Statue of Liberty])
  • Names of seasons (winter)
  • The product--though you do capitalize the product name (Kleenex tissues, Heinz ketchup, Baby Ruth candy bars)
  • General areas of study (Cathy is taking algebra.)
  • The word "the" preceding names of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. (the Village Voice) unless the word is an official part of the title (The Glass Menagerie)
  • Breed names of animals, generic names of plants, and names of diseases (cocker spaniel, rainbow trout, sugar maple, mumps)
  • Some words that are already capitalized will appear in these names (English bulldog, Cornish hen, African violet, German measles)

Directions: Select if the sentences in the questions have correct or incorrect capitalization.
Q 1: My favorite uncle, my Father's younger brother, came to visit us last weekend.

Q 2: On Labor Day, we celebrate the contributions of organized labor to American life.

Q 3: Dr. Brown traveled through the southern part of pennsylvania to get to the conference on Victorian poetry

Q 4: The Lake Superior is the largest and the most northern of the Great Lakes.

Q 5: My father asked Mayor Tom a question about Health insurance.

Q 6: I loved reading The Traders in Time, when I was in Mrs.B's high school English class.

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