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Grade 5 - English Language
1.44 Frequently Confused Words

Their, There and They're

Their is a possessive pronoun meaning ''belonging to them''.
There is an adverb that indicates place.
They're is a contraction for "They are".

Eric and Mike took their dog to the park.
They like to go there on Friday afternoon.
They're probably going back next Friday, too.

Teach and Learn

Teach is a verb meaning ''to explain something.'' Teach is an irregular verb. Its past tense is taught.
Learn is a verb meaning ''to gain information.''

Fred will teach me how to play the drums.
Yesterday she taught me how to play the game.
I will learn a poem every week.
Yesterday I learned to write poem.

Lie and Lay

Lie is a verb meaning ''to rest.'' Lie is an intransitive verb that doesn't need a direct object.
Lay is a verb meaning ''to place or put something down.'' Lay is a transitive verb that requires a direct object.

Lie here for a while. (Lie has no direct object; here is an adverb.)
Lay the book here. (Lay has a direct object: book.)

Rise and Raise

Rise is a verb meaning ''to get up'' or ''to go up.'' Rise is an intransitive verb that doesn't need a direct object.
Raise is a verb meaning ''to lift'' or ''to glow.'' Raise is a transitive verb that requires a direct object.

The sun rise in the east.
The curtain raises.
The girl raises her hand.

All Right, All Ready, Already

All right means ''well enough'' or ''very well.'' Sometimes all right is incorrectly spelled. Alright is not a word.

Correct: We'll be all right when the rain stops.
Incorrect: Are you feeling alright today?
All ready is an adjective meaning ''completely ready.''
Already is an adverb meaning ''before this time'' or ''by this time.''

More Examples:
Are you all ready to go?
He was already there when I arrived.

Accept and Except

Accept means ''to receive willingly'', or ''to give admittance'' or ''approval'', or ''to assume an obligation to pay'' or ''to take in payment''.

She accepted a gift.
The idea is widely accepted.
Dan accepted the offer.
We don't accept personal check.

Except means ''on any other condition than that'' or ''only''.
You face punishment except if you repent.
I would go except that it's too far.

Accept and Except -- Affect and Effect

To affect is to influence or change. To effect is to bring about. An effect is a result or an influence.

Effect means intent or basic meaning or essence.
Example: The effect of their statement was to incite sadness.

Affect means ''to act upon''.
Example: Not eating or drinking and sleeping late the night before an exam is bound to affect your grade.

Directions: Fill in the blanks. Also, write your own example sentences for all the frequently confused words described in this chapter.

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Grade 5 - English Language
1.44 Frequently Confused Words

Q 1: She ______ on the bed after school.

Q 2: ________ here for a while.

Q 3: _______ the pencil here.

Q 4: Do you ______________ credit cards?

Q 5: I would go ________ that it's too far

Q 6: We don't __________ personal checks

Q 7: Your answers are ________________.
all right

Q 8: __________'ll go.
All right

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