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Online Quiz (Worksheet A B C D)

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Upper Elementary Science - I
5.12 Grade 2 Science Review - 3

Q 1: A solar eclipse is caused by
the earth passing in front of the moon
the moon passing in front of the sun
a monster eating the sun

Q 2: The first stage in the life of a flowering plant is the

Q 3: Animals help plants reproduce by
digging in the ground
spreading seeds and pollen
eating the leaves

Q 4: The path of the earth around the sun is its

Q 5: A plant is an adult when it is able to
make leaves
be eaten

Q 6: Which of the following is a living thing?
a tree
a planet
a shoe

Q 7: Seeds contain ______ that spores do not.

Q 8: The life cycle of a moss has______ stages.

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