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Grade 6 - Mathematics
4.12 Fractions Word Problems - 2

Directions: Solve the following word problems. Show your work! Also write at least 5 story problems of your own.
Q 1: If Tom bought 1/3 of 1/8 share in a company, what fraction of the company did he own?
1/11 of the company
1/12 of the company
1/24 of the company

Q 2: If four and half slices of pizza were divided equally among six people, how much pizza does each person get? (Hint: 4 1/2 divide by 6)
1/2 of a slice
1/4 of a slice
3/4 of a slice

Q 3: Scott and seven other friends bought a quarter share of a restaurant chain. If they were all equal partners, what fraction of the restaurant chain did Scott own?
1/24 of the restaurant chain
1/32 of the restaurant chain
1/16 of the restaurant chain

Q 4: If four and three-quarter pounds of sand can fit in a box, how many pounds of sand can fit in six and half boxes. (Hint: 4 3/4 multiply by 6 1/2)
15 7/8 pounds of sand
30 7/8 pounds of sand
37 1/8 pounds of sand

Q 5: Tim opened a quart of orange juice in the morning. If he drank 1/5 of it with breakfast and 2/7 of it with lunch, how much of it did he have left for the rest of the day? Hint: 1 - (1/5 + 2/7)
18/35 quart
13/35 quart
18/30 quart

Q 6: In an election, the Conservative candidate got 1/8 of the votes, the Republican candidate got 1/6 of the votes, and the Democratic candidate got 1/3 of the votes. What fraction of the votes did the three candidates receive all together?
5/8 of the votes
6/7 of the votes
4/8 of the votes

Q 7: One morning you walked 4 7/8 miles to town. On the way home you stopped to rest after walking 1 1/3 miles. How far do you still need to walk to get back home?
2 13/24 miles
3 11/5 miles
3 13/24 miles

Q 8: If you want to fence your square yard, how much fencing would you need if your yard is 21 2/3 feet long? (Hint: Square has four equal sides.)
56 3/4 feet
86 2/3 feet
34 3/4 feet

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