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Grade 1 - English Language
4.10 Story: The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived on a farm with their mother and father. They decided that, althought they were just little pigs, they were grown up enough to set off on their own.

After they had walked for quite sometime, one of the little pigs started to feel tired. Just then, a farmer went by on his hay cart.

"Hey, stop cart," the first little pig yelled. "You stronger brothers go on without me," he said. "This hay is light enough and soft enough for my house." And with that his brothers left the youngest pig with his pile of hay, and carried on with their journey.

A little farther down the road, the second little pig grew very tired. Just then, they passed by a forester cutting wood.

"Would you sell me some of your wood?" asked the second little pig. "This wood isn't too heavy and it isn't too rough for my house - it's just right."

Q 1: Why did the first pig stop?
he was too tired to go on
he wanted to go home to his parents
he was caught by a big bad wolf
he had a fight with his brothers

Q 2: What was the farmer carrying?

Q 3: What do you think the first pig did when the story continues?
he went back to his parents
he ate and slept
he built a house with hay
he went with the farmer

Q 4: The thrid pig was bigger and stronger than the others. How do you know this?
because he was the eldest
because he ran faster
because he climbed a tree
because the first two pigs tired quicker

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