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MEAP Preparation - Grade 7 Mathematics
Constructing an Angle of a Given Measure

Example: Construct an angle whose measure is 53.


1. Draw a ray OA on a sheet of paper.
2. Place the protractor on ray OA such that its center coincides with 0 (vertex) and ray OA passes through the zero mark on the protractor.
3. Mark a point B against the mark of 53 in the direction increasing from zero (three small divisions after the mark 50) on the paper.
4. Remove the protractor and draw the ray OB.

Then the measure of AOB is 53.

Directions: On a sheet of paper, construct the following angles.

1. An angle whose measure is 79 degrees.
2. An angle whose measure is 57 degrees.
3. An angle whose measure is 39 degrees.
4. An angle whose measure is 150 degrees.