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3.19 Quadrilaterals Review Test

Q 1: The diagonals of a rhombus bisect at __________.
right angles
obtuse angles
acute angles

Q 2: In a trapezoid ABCD, AB is parallel to CD. If angle A = 120 degrees and angle B = 90 degrees, find angle C and angle D.
100 degrees and 70 degrees Respectively
60 degrees and 130 degrees Respectively
90 degrees and 60 degrees Respectively

Q 3: In a quadrilateral, three angles are 50, 90 and 90. The fourth angle will be ________.

Q 4: A parallelogram in which one angle is a right angle is called ______.

Q 5: The angles of a quadrilateral are x, x+15, x-5 and 2x. Find the first and third angles.
69 and 79 respectively.
74 and 79 respectively.
62 and 92 respectively.
70 and 65 respectively.

Q 6: Find the value of side BE in the given figure, if AD is given by 17 cm.

8.5 cm
6 cm
17 cm

Q 7: The value of side DC if side AB is given by 12.5 cm, is __________.

11 cm
7.5 cm
15 cm

Q 8: Find the value of x in the figure.


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