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Online Quiz (Worksheet A B C D)

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Grade 7 English
1.23 Describe the Dinosaur

Directions: Use the following table of Greek and Latin roots to describe the dinosaurs named in the questions.

a, ar, andno, not
altitall, high
baroheavy, pressure
canthusspiked, spined
deino terrible
derm skin
di two
don, den tooth
dromaeo running
drypto wounding
echino elasmo
elmi foot
gnathus jaw
hetero mixed
lana wooly
lepto slender
lestes robber
lopho ridged
luro tail
macro large
maia good mother
mono single
morpho shaped
mucro pointed
nano dwarf
nodo lumpy
nycho clawed
ornitho bird
pachy thick
ped, pos, pes foot
penta five
phalangia toes
phobo fearsome
placo, plateo flat
pola, poly many
preno sloping
ptero winged
quadri four
raptor thief
rex king
rhinot nose
saurus lizard, reptile
segno slow
stego roofed
steneo narrow
stenotes finger
stereo twin
stuthio ostrich
tarbo alarming
tetra four
thero beast
top head, face
tri three
tyranno tyrant
velox, veloci speedy, fast

Q 1: Allosaurus
Speedy Thief
Strange Lizard
Ancient Wing
Bird Robber

Q 2: Elmisaurus
Strange Lizard
Speedy Thief
Foot Lizard
Bird Robber

Q 3: Brachiosaurus
Speedy Thief
Bird Robber
Arm Lizard
Strange Lizard

Q 4: Archaeopteryx
Speedy Thief
Bird Robber
Strange Lizard
Ancient Wing

Q 5: Stegosaurus
Speedy Thief
Roofed Lizard
Tyrant Lizard
Three Horned Head

Q 6: Tyranosaurus
Roofed Lizard
Bird Robber
Three Horned Head
Tyrant Lizard

Q 7: Ornithomimus
Bird Mimic
Speedy Thief
Strange Lizard
Bird Robber

Q 8: Velociraptor
Three Horned Head
Tyrant Lizard
Bird Robber
Speedy Thief

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