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Grade 7 - Mathematics
Temperature Conversion using Formula - Fahrenheit and Celcius

The temperature in Celcius degrees 'C' can be changed to Fahrenheit degrees 'F' by the formula F = (1/5)*(9C+160). Make C the subject of the formula, then find C when F = 212 degrees.
F = (1/5)*(9C+160)
Multiply both sides with 5, we get
5F = 5*1/5*(9C+160)
5F = 9C+160
5F-160 = 9C
5(F-32) = 9C
C = 5/9*(F-32)
If F = 212 degrees
Substitute F value in above equation, we get
C = 5/9*(212-32)
C = 5/9*180
C = 5*20
C = 100 degrees.

Directions: Solve the following problems and show your work. Also write at least ten examples of your own.