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Grade 7 - Mathematics
Word Problems - Digits

1. Read the problem carefully and note down what is given and what is required.
2. Select a letter say x or y or z to represent the unknown quantity asked for.
3. Represent the word statements of the problems in the symbolic language step by step.
4. Look for quantities which are equal as per conditions given and form an equation.
5. Solve the equation.
6. Verify the result for making sure that your answer satisfies the requirements of the problems.

In a two digit number, the units digit is two more than tens digit. Sum of the digits is equal to 1/4 of the whole number find the number.
Let x = ten's digit
Units digit = x+2
Number = 10x + (x+2) = 11x+2
Sum of the digits = x+x+2 = 2x+2
Given that 2x+2 = 1/4(11x+2)
Multiplying both sides by 4 we get
8x+8 = 11x+2
Transposing 11x and 8
8x-11x = 2 - 6
-3x = -6
x = 2 this is ten's digit
Unit's digit = x+2 = 2+2 = 4
Number = 11x+2 = 11*2+2 = 22+2 = 24

Directions: Solve the following word problems. Also write 5 examples of your own.