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Grade 7 - Mathematics
7.12 Construction of Circumcircle

Construct the triangle ABC with AB = 5cm, BC = 6cm. and CA = 7cm and draw the circumcircle.

Steps for construction:

  1. Draw a line segment AB = 5cm.
  2. With A as center and radius 7cm, draw an arc.
  3. With B as center and radius 6cm, draw another arc that cuts first arc at the point C.
  4. Join BC and CA (AC = CA).
  5. Draw the perpendicular bisectors of AB, BC and CA.
  6. Let them intersect at S.
  7. With S as centre and SA (=SB = SC) as radius draw a circle.
  8. This circle passes through the three vertices of the triangle A, B and C.

This is the circumcircle of the given triangle.

Directions: Read the above review points carefully and answer the following questions:
  1. Draw the circumcircle of the triangle ABC whose with sides are given by AB = 6 cm, BC = 7 cm and CA = 9 cm.
  2. Draw circumcircles of acute, right and obtuse angled triangles. Discuss the position of circumcentre's obtained.

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