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Writing, Speech, Debate, & General Knowledge
7.1 Nano Technology

Directions: Answer the following questions and verify your answers. Do your own research and write an informative essay about nano technology.
Q 1: The following may be considered naturally occurring nanodevices.
all of these

Q 2: A unique phenomenon that occurs in nanoparticles is Gibbs-Thomson effect, which is the _____.
instant freezing of material
instant evaporation of material
lowering of the melting point of a material
raising of the melting point of a material

Q 3: One fundamental characteristic of nanotechnology is that nanodevices self-assemble. That is, they build themselves from the bottom up. _________ is an important technique both for characterization and synthesis of nanomaterials.
Scanning probe microscopy
Infrared detector
Ultrasonic photography
Optical telescopy

Q 4: While manipulating nanoparticles, the following would happen.
surface tension would become more important
all of these
Van der Waals attraction would become more important
gravity would become less important

Q 5: Potential benefits of nanotechnology might include
advanced pharmaceuticals and new drug delivery systems
improvements in skin care and protection
all of these
faster computers and advanced data storage

Q 6: Critics of nanotechnology point to the potential toxicity of new classes of nanosubstances and compare them to
highly damaging acid rain
green house emissions
atom bomb
microscopic materials like asbestos fibres

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