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Grade 3 - English Language
2.47 Negatives

When you write a sentence, you may sometimes use a negative word like 'no'. The words 'none', 'nothing', 'never', and 'no one' are also negative words.

Dan is a good student. He never comes late to the class.
None of his pants fit him anymore.

The word 'not' and contractions made with 'not' are also negatives.

I do not want to play anymore because I am tired.
He won't come to school tomorrow because he is sick.

Avoid Double Negatives: Only one negative word is needed in a sentence. There are two ways to correct a double negative. A positive word can replace a negative word, or the n't can be dropped.
I don't want to eat no more cookies. (Incorrect) I don't want to eat any more cookies. (Correct)

Directions: Read each sentence and fill in the blank with the correct negative. Write ten more example sentences using negatives. Write five examples of incorrect use of double negatives and write the corrected sentences. As a homework, read a book and find example sentences containing negatives.
Q 1: I ________ pick up the sticks again.
won't never
will never

Q 2: There _____ stop sign at the station.
wasn't no
was no

Q 3: I cleaned my room and promised that I wouldn't _____ leave it in such a mess again.

Q 4: I don't really like to clean my room. Dad said that I didn't have __ choice.

Q 5: Never leave ___ small child inside a car unattended.

Q 6: Most people _____ never win a lottery.

Q 7: Don't ____ use flammable materials to play.

Q 8: Nothing ____ stop the rain.

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