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MEAP Preparation - Grade 6 Mathematics
2.84 Fractions and Decimals Word Problems

  1. Read the questions carefully.
  2. Compute the results as per the question.
Example: A class has 40 students out of which 23 are boys. What fraction of the class is boys?
Total number of students = 40
Number of boys = 23
Fraction of boys = 23/40
Answer: 23/40

Example: Ann spends $45.60 on books, $ 12.36 on dolls and $35.78 on miscellaneous. How much did he spend in total?
The total amount spent = $45.60 + $12.36 + $35.78
Answer: $93.74

Example: Sam has 3 1/2 pencils and Ron has 10/4 pencils. Who has more pencils?
The answer to this seems simple since Ron has 10/4 pencils which is equivalent to 2 2/4 pencils.
Clearly since Sam has 3 full pencils and more and Ron has less than 3 full pencils, so Sam has more pencils.
Answer: Sam has more pencils

Example: Spencer painted 2/3 of the wall space in his room. His sister Madison helped and painted 1/3 of the wall space. How much did they paint together?
2/3 + 1/3 = 3/3 = 1
Answer: whole wall space

Example: The teacher taught 3/5th of the book, Mike revised 1/5th more on his own. How much does he still have to revise?
3/5 + 1/5 = 4/5
1 - 4/5 = 1/5
Answer: 1/5

Directions: Solve the following word problems. Also write at least 5 examples of your own.
Q 1: If Jon has 2/5 of a pizza and Sue has 3/5 of a pizza, who has more?
They have the same amount.

Q 2: Our class has a one hour Math Class. If we split math into 1/2 and do 1/2 later, how much time do we spend the 1st 1/2 of math class?
40 min.
30 min.
Not Here
20 min.

Q 3: Emily and Christian went to the ice cream shop. Emily finished 2/3 of her ice cream and Christian finished 1/2. Who finished more?
Not Here

Q 4: Sponge Bob toys sell for $3.25 in bin 1, $3.50 in bin 2, $3.75 in bin 3, and so on. If the pattern continues, how much will the Sponge Bob toys in bin 7 cost?

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