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Grade 2 - English Language
4.30 Review Test - Reading Comprehension Level 2

Polar Bears

Polar bears live in the cold arctic regions. They like to live in the areas near the shore, where pack ice forms. They use the pack ice as a seal hunting platform. Polar bears live along the northern regions Alaska, Canada, Norway, Greenland, and the Soviet Union.

Polar bears have special features that help them to survive in the frozen arctic habitat. Their thick fur protects them from the cold. The thick layer of fat under their skin keeps them warm and allows them to go for weeks without eating if necessary. Their creamy white fur also provides good camouflage. They cannot be seen easily in the white snowy background.

Polar bears shed their winter fur and grow a thinner summer coat that is yellow or golden in color. By winter they get heavy, white coats again. Polar bears have short tails, short furry ears, and sharp teeth.

Polar bears are carnivores which means they eat meat. They hunt and eat seals. Their sense of smell is so keen that they can smell a seal den covered by a thick layer of snow and ice. Polar bears have huge front paws. Their toes are partially webbed to help them swim. Their back paws are smaller.

Directions: Answer the following questions. Write about polar bears in your own words.
Q 1: What does the word camouflage mean?
someone in the Army
eats only meat
sleeps during the winter
color that blends in

Q 2: Where do polar bears catch most of their food?
in or near caves
in the air
in the forest
in or near the water

Q 3: Polar bears hunt ____________.

Q 4: Where do polar bears live?
near volcanoes
in the cold arctic regions
in the warm deserts
under water

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