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MEAP Preparation - Grade 6 Mathematics
2.34 Decimal Vocabulary

  1. The places to the right of a decimal point are called decimal places.
  2. The decimal places starting from the left are read as tenths, hundreths, thousandths and so on.
  3. The decimal 20.56 is read as twenty point five six. (Note: It is not read as twenty point fifty six.)
Example: What is the value of 4 in 20.43?
4 is in the tenths place
Answer: 4 tenths

Directions: Answer the following questions. Also write atleast 10 examples of your own for decimal place value.
Q 1: The value of 8 in the decimal number 0.08 is ____.
one eighth
eight hundredths
eight thousandths
eight hundred

Q 2: What is this number? It has a 3 in the tenths place, a 4 in the ones place, a 2 in the hundredths place and a 9 in the thousandths place.

Q 3: The places to the right of the decimal point are called _____.
negative numbers
insignificant numbers
positive numbers
decimal places

Q 4: The word 'percent' means _______.
every cent counts
out of each hundred; per hundred
100 cents
one dollar each

Q 5: Number lines are a good model for ordering decimals. Choose the correct statement about number lines.
The largest number is always to the right.
The order of numbers does not matter.
The least number is always to the right.
The biggest number always comes first.

Q 6: There is more than one way to write one tenth using numbers. Choose from the answers below
1/10, 0.001, 1%
1/10, 0.1, 10%
1/10, 0.01, 1%
1/100, 0.01, 0.1%

Q 7: The price of a gallon of gas is $1.499. Choose the best answer.
Gas is close to $1.00 a gallon.
Gas is close to $1.50 a gallon.
A gallon of gas is more expensive than $1.50.
Gas is close to $2 a gallon.

Q 8: What is the correct mathematical way to say this number in words? 200.37
two two zeros point three seven
two hundred and thirty seven hundredths
two hundred and thirty seven
two hundred point thirty seven

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